just a small town girl ðŸŒ»

Today, I started my first blog and then…I realized just how long you can stare at a blinking cursor trying to write a little bit about yourself. So here goes nothing! 

 Above ^ is my little slice of heaven

A stop sign on the blacktop is the best way to describe the little east coast town where I was born, raised and never left! It’s stays pretty quiet around here except for the occasional group of motorcyclist zooming past on a nice day. I grew up with three siblings on a farmette running wild, spending our time catching crayfish in a creek next to our house, playing “Cowboys and Indians” and making mud pies. I like to think I had a charmed childhood like something out of a story book, but, of course, I grew up and moved out of my parents house but live just up the road in a beautiful little apartment filled with my junk! I have a slight obsession with cowgirl boots and own eight pairs, and yes, I wear them all! I refurbish furniture in my spare time, do a little amateur photography, spend time with my o so handsome farm boy, hunt, fish and just enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with. O…and did I mention junking?? 

Spring, summer and fall are my prime junking seasons and winter is for antiquing because I am somewhat adverse to the cold and prefer the indoors during the chilly season. For those of you who are thinking I’m a crazy lady who digs through people’s dumpsters to find things that’s not quite what I mean by “junking” but its not to say that it hasn’t happened. Instead I’m that person who stops along the road for free things the need refurbishing, takes a detour(even when in a rush) all because a little arrow on a yard sale sign, has no problem driving hours to spend the day at a flea market sifting through junk and haggling with the vendors and never takes passengers in my vehicle because it impinges on my room for junk. 

Welcome to my little world I hope you enjoy my junking journey 💋


4 thoughts on “just a small town girl ðŸŒ»

  1. The Vintage Vixen says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!!! I love your intro and about page!!! We sound so much alike I bet we could be great friends!!! Thanks for following my blog. I cannot wait to read about your junking adventures!!! Good luck!!!



  2. Bobbi says:

    Love your blog. So much fun! I too am new to blogging but I’m so busy I find it hard to spit out all my thoughts.
    I’m learning from your junking! Thanks for following me.


    • americangypsytown says:

      Thanks Bobbi!! Me too!! it is hard to find the time to put together coherent posts but I’m so glad you like them!!
      I love your posts as well I’ve been wanting to visit the lucketts store! Thanks for the follow 🤓


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