Something old 

My boyfriend, I’m convinced, is the worlds most patient man. The other week we were on our way to church, running late as usual, when he said “Look! Free stuff!” Then he turned to me and the look on his face when he saw mine told me he already regretted saying it. I pleaded with him to stop after church and prayed the whole time everything would still be there when we came back. By Gods grace I made it through the service and we hopped in the truck and headed on our way. As we drew nearer I could tell he was making extra effort to distract me with conversation, but I would not be deterred from my mission! I yelled “STOP!!”, interrupting him mid sentence as we zoomed right past the pile of treaures. He tapped the brake and looks at me all innocent saying, “What? You want to stop for that junk?”, when he knows full well that, yes, I want to stop for every pile of junk!! He reluctantly turned the truck around and pulled up next to the pile. Seeing it up close was even better than my initial drive by evaluation had been and I jumped out of the truck ooooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing while he stood ready with the tailgate already down, prepared to load what I chose. Did I mention this man is amazing? I ended up getting one very very old farm table that someone had painted with a terrible tan exterior paint, and a little hand made table almost entirely old red barn wood! For free! Needless to say I was on cloud nine and could wait to get started on refurbishing!


Upon further inspection I determined the handmade table was better off being disassembled. Now I have a nice little stack of red barn wood perfect for a future project, (be patient the best is yet to come)! Now the farmhouse table was a completely different story, I worked on making it more stable which also gave me the excuse to use power tools and what woman in her right mind passes up that opportunity? Then, with all ten of my fingers still intact, I set to sanding, stripping off the old dull tan paint that in some places would peel off like tacky nail polish…ew. After sacrificing a few sanding pads and breaking a personal record of largest paint chip peeled the raw wood in all its glory was staring back at me, and boy was it great! Then….winter came and my wonderful little find was tucked away in the shop to wait for better days. Finally the sun has started to kiss the earth again and little flowers are cautiously poking their heads out of the dirt and I have started my projects full swing again! The table was extracted carefully from under piles of tools and such that had accumulated over the winter and looked even better than I had remembered. I took a fine sandpaper over it once more then began to plot my plan of attack. I finally decided on a whitewash finish and set about getting started before I could change my mind….again. As I got into a rythmn I found myself singing and even dancing a little at times and before I knew it I was putting the finish touches on. Stepping back to survey the outcome I was more than pleased with the result…I fell in love…and now to keep or sell is the ongoing debate. 



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