What’s it worth?

One of the saddest but truest facts of junking is most of the time it’s not about what something is actually worth it’s about what someone is willing to pay. Are there things that you’ve noticed recently that have gone up in price or are much harder to find? Now, have you checked what’s trending on Pinterest or in the latest edition of your favorite magazine like Southern Living? You’ll notice the two seem to go hand in hand. Someone comes up with a great idea on how to repurpose something and everyone loves it, next thing you know, BOOM!! Prices are through the roof and it’s a little harder to find. 


blue ball masons for example…

Now don’t get me wrong I love these things just as much as the next person because of you find a great idea why not use it, right? But if you’re not too concerned with being trendy hold off on buying these types of things until the trend has passed, unless of course you can find it for an extremely reasonable price then you have the option to buy and resell or keep your bargain all to yourself!


vintage suitcases…

If you’re an avid junker you can spot these trends a mile away it if you’re new to the game do your homework, use your resources. Know your target what it’s worth in any condition, how to tell if it’s authentic or a reproduction. Be a savvy shopper but, as always, buy what you love that’s all that truly matters when it comes to junking!

Happy trails Junkers! 🌻🤓



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