Class is in session

Who doesn’t love a little history? Why just yesterday I bought a little piece of local history unknowingly! 

I don’t know how many of you use your local yard sale pages on Facebook to buy and sell but I do and love it! Watch for my next post and I’ll tell you a little more about it but for now I’ll get back to my history lesson. I was perusing Facebook when I saw a post for a whole lot of old tins for $5….. Five dollars!! Can you believe it?? So naturally I commented and got them but then….as I was perusing further I saw the same person selling a lot of old Ball Masons!! So I commented on those…and got them!! I very patiently waited until I got off work(not entirely true) then raced to the meeting spot. When I met with the person our families ended up knowing each other and he gave me a brief history of where the items had come from. They are all out of one of the first houses in the town neighboring mine where I went to school and now work! So exciting!

When I got home with the items I did a little researching and one of the Ball jars is blue dating from 1900-1910….over 100 years old!!! This find just keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to get home and survey the rest of the items tonight!! 

Stay tuned for more excitement!😃


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